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AWSM Team Pro Plugin for WordPress by AWSM Innovations

AWSM Team Pro

WordPress Plugin

Thank you for purchasing our plugin. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please feel free to email via our user page contact form here. Thanks so much!

Team Plugin Intro

AWSM Team Pro is the most versatile WordPress plugin available to create and manage your Team page.

AWSM Team Pro comes with 8 cool presets and number of style options. You can create a great looking team section on your WordPress site in a few minutes after installing the plugin.

Quick Start Guide

A novice or an expert, you will not need anything more than 5 minutes to get this plugin installed and working on your WordPress website. Read the documentation carefully before you start.

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A. Installing Plugin

Add Plugin

Before beginning the installation and configuring of the plugin, you must first have WordPress already installed on a server. Once you have setup a copy of WordPress, there are two ways you can go about installing the plugin:

  1. FTP Upload: Unzip the download and upload the plugin directory /awsm-team-pro/ into your WordPress plugins directory /wp-content/plugins/
  2. WordPress Upload: This is definitely the easiest route for most. Simply navigate to Plugins› Add New Plugin› Upload. Click the "browse" button and locate the still zipped plugin folder. The plugin will be uploaded and installed in a matter of seconds.

B. Creating Team Member Profiles

Team Plugin

As soon as you have installed the plugin, the 'AWSM Team' menu will show up in your WordPress admin sidebar! To start off, you have to add a few member profiles.

C. Teams

C.1. Creating Teams

Just like the member page, it's pretty self-descriptive. Pick members for your team, choose preset and styles, hit publish and copy-paste the shortcode where you want it to display. That's all!

D. Filters

The plugin comes with a sleek 'Filters' option that let you categorize and filter team members.

Step 1: Add some filters from the 'Filters' page under AWSM Team

Step 2: Enable filter option in your Team and select the filters you want to display with your team.

E. Page Builder Support

AWSM Team supports all the popular page builder plugins

E.1. Gutenberg Support

E.2. WP Bakery Support

E.3. Elementor

E.4. Beaver Builder

F. Presets & Styles

AWSM Team Pro comes with 8 unique presets and number of styles. You can change them easily from your team edit page.

Drawer Similar to GoogleImage Search, details will show up in an expanded layer.
Modal A unique modal with next/previous navigation
Slide-In Details will slide in from the sides.
Grid Just a few grid styles with cool hover effects.
Circles Circles with some cool hover effects.
Cards For those who love card style layout. Comes with 4 styles.
Cards For those who love card style designs. Comes with 4 styles.
List If you don't need multi-columns and fancy hover effects.
Table To display the list of members in a table format.

G. Shortcode & Attributes

Example of a shortcode by AWSM Team Pro is below

[awsmteam id="221"]

Attributes are explained below

id ID of the Team to be displayed
Accepted Arguments: valid Team ID


1. How can I change colors and default styles?

You can put your own CSS code in the 'Custom CSS' field on your team page to add your own styles.

I. Changelog

V 1.6.0 [1 July 2019]

V1.5.0 [21 June 2019]

V1.4.5 [18 June 2019]

V 1.4.4 [12 June 2019]

V 1.4.3 [24 May 2019]

V 1.4.2 [20 May 2019]

V 1.4.1 [26 April 2019]

V 1.4.0 [24 April 2019]

V 1.3.1 [27 March 2019]

V 1.3.0 [7 March 2019]

V 1.2.2 [30 January 2019]

V 1.2.1 [10 January 2019]

V 1.2.0 [09 January 2019]

V 1.1.4 [12 March 2018]

V 1.1.3 [28 June 2017]

V 1.1.2 [15 June 2017]

V 1.1.1 [15 March 2017]

V 1.1.0 [12 November 2016]

V 1.0.5 [4 November 2016]

V 1.0.4 [28 September 2016]

V 1.0.3 [2 September 2016]

V 1.0.2 [26 August 2016]

V 1.0.1 [25 August 2016]

V 1.0 [17 August 2016]

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