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Dropr - Dropbox Plugin for WordPress

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EAD Intro

Dropr lets you access files from your Dropbox account and help you to add them straight to your WordPress website. Securely and safely.

What makes Dropr stands out is the way it handles different type of files. If you choose an image file, your will get a friendly interface to add it into content editor just like WordPress' default Media Library. If you choose a document Dropr will ask you if you want to embed it to your website using Google Docs Viewer. Dropr also comes with a Download Button customizer for the files you want to put out for free downloads

Dropr uses Dropbox Chooser API to let users interact with their Dropbox account.

What Dropr does?

1. Helps you to Upload files to your Dropbox account

You can easily upload files to your Dropbox by dragging and dropping the files to the window. Files will be instantly uploaded.

2. Add files from your Dropbox

Choose any file to be inserted into your website from the pop out window. If the file is an image file you will get features like adding title, alt, link options before adding into the website. If the file is a document type (PDF, Word, PPT, XLS) you can embed them easily using Google Docs Viewer or Microsoft Office Online services. You can also add other file types with Download buttons.

Why to use Dropbox to host your files?


Dropbox and the Dropbox logo are trademarks of Dropbox, Inc. AWSM Innovations or the plugin is not affiliated with or otherwise sponsored by Dropbox, Inc

Quick Start

Install Plugin > Enter API Key > Start adding files!

A novice or an expert, you will not need anything more than 5 minutes to get this plugin installed and working on your WordPress website. Read the documentation carefully before you start.

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A. Installing Plugin

Add Plugin

Before beginning the installation and configuring of the plugin, you must first have WordPress already installed on a server. Once you have setup a copy of WordPress, there are two ways you can go about installing the plugin:

  1. FTP Upload: Unzip the download and upload the plugin directory /dropr-for-dropbox/ into your WordPress plugins directory /wp-content/plugins/
  2. WordPress Upload: This is definitely the easiest route for most. Simply navigate to Plugins› Add New Plugin› Upload. Click the "browse" button and locate the still zipped plugin folder. The plugin will be uploaded and installed in a matter of seconds.

B. Upload files to Dropbox

Dropr is integrated seamlessly into the post editor. With a click on Dropr button you can access all your Dropbox files right from your WordPress site.

Click on the button in content editor to get started. If you have an API key configured already, Dropbox's chooser window will open up. Using the window you can upload a local file or choose an existing file from your Dropbox account.

You can upload files to your Dropbox account by just dragging and dropping them to the chooser window from your computer. Alternatively, you can also upload files by clicking the '+' button in the Dropbox Chooser window.

C. Add files from Dropbox

You can choose and insert any file you have hosted in your Dropbox account. Depending on the type of file you choose, Dropr will give you different options to insert the files.

C.1 Image files

If you choose an image file (JPEG, GIF, PNG, etc.) you will get options to add title, caption, alt and link.

C.2 Documents

If you are choosing a document file (PDF, DOC, PPT, XLS, etc.) you can embed them into the content using Google Docs Viewer or Microsoft Office Online Viewer.

C.3 Videos

Videos can be easily embedded from your Dropbox account. Uses standard WordPress video shortcode. You will get options to add alternative video file types for added HTML5 browser compatibility.

C.4 Audio

Audio files can be embedded from your Dropbox account. Uses standard WordPress audio player shortcode.

C.5 Other file types

All other files can be added either as plain links or buttons. Even there you will get plenty of options like customizing button style to changing click behavior.

D. Adding Featured Image

Just click on the link from the 'Featured Image' box and you know what next to do! ;)

Please note that the images inserted from Dropbox CANNOT be cropped.

E. Settings & Options

You can access the settings page from 'Settings > Dropr'

E.1. API Key

In order to activate Dropbox Chooser window you will have to generate an API key and paste it into the settings page.Click here for instructions to generate your API key.

E.2. Button Customizer

Dropr comes with a full-fledged button customizer to help you customize the default download button.

F. Getting your API Key

To be able to use the plugin you need to get an API key from Dropbox and add it to Dropr's Settings page.

Steps to get your Dropbox API Key

You need to create a 'Drop-ins' App in Dropbox to get an API Key. Follow the steps below to get your API key.

  1. Click on this link
  2. Choose an API: Select 'Dropbox API'
  3. Coose the type of access: Select Full Dropbox
  4. Enter a name for the app
  5. Click on 'Create App' button
  6. Chooser Domain: Add the domain name in which you have installed the plugin
  7. Copy the App key

G. The Document Viewers

The plugin supports two document viewers to embed documents hosted in your Dropbox account.

G.1. Google Docs Viewer

The Google Docs Viewer is an online service from Google to view and embed various types of document files. Dropr plugin primarily uses Google Docs Viewer service to embed and display your documents.

Supported file types

G.2. Microsoft Office Online

Office Online is an online tool from Microsoft to easily embed and view Microsoft Office Documents. It is the best tool for viewing Office Documents online.

Supported file types

H. Shortcode & Attributes for Document Embedding

Example of a shortcode generated by the plugin is below

[docembed url="http://awsm.in/ppt.pptx" width="550px" height="700px" download="none" viewer="microsoft"]

Attributes are explained below

url File URL
Accepted Arguments: Dropbox URL of the document
width Width of document either in px or in %.
Accepted Argument Examples: 90% , 590px etc.
height Height of document in px.
Accepted Argument Example: 500px.
download Show or hide download link.
Accepted Arguments:
all - For all user
logged - For logged user
none - no download
viewer Service provider
Accepted Arguments: google, drive, box, microsoft


1. Is Dropr compatible with both Dropbox free and paid plans?

Yes, the plugin works perfectly with Dropbox's free, pro and business plans.

2. Dropbox has bandwidth limits?

Yes, it has. But you really do not have to worry about it. If your account hits the limit, Dropbox will send a message to the email address registered to your account. Your links will be temporarily disabled, and anyone who tries to access them will see an error page instead of your files.

Dropbox Basic (free) accounts:
Dropbox Pro and Dropbox for Business accounts:

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J. Changelog

Ver 1.1.1 [22.05.2017]

Ver 1.1 [06.10.2015]

Ver 1.0.1 [20.08.2015]